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We aim to bridge the fields of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Immunology/Virology. The Action will allow cross-fertilization of these scientific fields pushing the boundaries in understanding the role of iron-sulfur clusters and metals in immune response and viral infection

About us

Our Story

The idea of the Action stems from a previous European COST Action on iron-sulphur biogenesis (FeSBionet). During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Ebrahimi gathered a group of Scientists across Europe to initiate a pan-European Network bridging the fields of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Immunology/Virology. The Action was funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology in 2022.


FeSBionet, Croatia, 2018


Dr Kourosh H. Ebrahimi, King's College London, UK

Action Chair


Prof Smilja Todorovic,

ITQB Nova, Portugal

Action Vice Chair


Prof Simone Ciofi-Baffoni

University of Florence, Italy

Grant Awarding Coordinator


Ms. Nghi Thao Hoang, King's College London, UK

Science Communication Coordinator


Dr Milena Dimitrijevic

University of Belgrade

Young Investigator Program Leader

Prof Suzanne Cloonan

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

WG1 (FeS clusters and the immune system) Leader

Dr Peter-Leon Hagedoorn

TU Delft, the Netherlands

WG2 (FeS clusters in viral replication) Leader


Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire de Grenoble

WG3 (Mechanistic studies of FeS biogenesis) Leader

Prof Nick Le Brun

University of East Anglia, UK

WG4 (Mechanistic studies of FeS chemistry) Leader

Prof Holger Stark

Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

WG5 (FeS clusters and proteins as drug targets) Leader


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