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FeS Clusters in Viral Replication

Recently evidence has been provided that certain viral proteins incorporate FeS clusters to support the viral life-cycle, and that human (or other host) cellular FeS proteins are required for the reproduction of viruses. For example the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of SARS-CoV2 (coronavirus) has been shown to contain two FeS clusters. This knowledge offers great opportunities for finding new therapeutic targets against viral infection and replication. Therefore it is important to understand how viral proteins obtain FeS clusters from the host, and what the involvement of such mechanisms is in the viral replication pathway. In order to achieve this level of understanding WG2 will support the following research: 1) investigation of the interaction of viral FeS protein with the host FeS biogenesis machinery, 2) study of viral FeS proteins, 3) study maturation of viral FeS proteins, 4) function of host FeS proteins in the viral life cycle, 5) establish protocols for this research. This will be done by participation in the COST action meetings and training activities, providing an expert network with this focus, build new collaborations and support short-term scientific missions on this topic.
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